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Daytona Dirt Riders

Bike Week Adventure Ride 3/16/2017

The Daytona Dirt Riders are hosting an adventure ride Thursday, March 16th, during Bike Week this year. The cost is $65 and that will include a t-shirt, lunch at Three Bananas, and a route sheet for the ride which will be around 185 miles. We will have recovery vehicles and trailers in case anyone gets broken down on the way.

The start of the event will be at the Strickland Ranch property, about 2 miles north of Destination Daytona on US-1 in Ormond Beach. We will try to wrap the ride up with enough time for the participants to make it down to the speedway that night.

The ride is suitable for most bikes and skill levels. There will be a considerable amount of pavement, and some roads that are sandy, but most will be hard packed and maintained forestry roads. We will try to have it all mapped out so there are no surprises.

Link to the flyer:

2016 Strickland Ranch Harescrambles 4/30-5/1

Link to the flyer:

The Daytona Dirt Riders have been hard at work laying out a pristine trail for this event. There are multiple tracks being used, and a Sunday only course. Tell your friends to tell their friends, because this is one race you won't want to miss.


2016 Alligator Enduro is on for February 7th!

The Daytona Dirt Riders are proud to announce the Alligator Enduro is back on! It's schedule for February 7th, 2016 at the Strickland Ranch Property. 

 Here is the link to the flyer:

Here is the link to the pre-entry (closes 2/1): 


Full Gas Sprint Enduro at Strickland Ranch in Ormond Beach, FL

More information on the series:

2015 Strickland Ranch Harescrambles

Link to the flyer:2015 HS Flyer.pdf

Preview video:

The race is on, and the trail is all coming together well. You can see the conditions (as of 4/18/15) in the video.  If you are a mother who has the privilege of going to the races, be sure ask about our appreciation gift at the gate!

Alligator Preview and Course Conditions


 As far as track conditions go, they are coming along really well. It has been very windy and sunny lately. I don't think we got any rain at the property Friday. The weather outlook is getting better every time I check it.

Daytona Endurocross (

Alligator Enduro

The Alligator will be held on Thursday, March 12th this year. We are FTR and SETRA cosanctioned.

Here is a link to the flyer: 

Meetings back on track

The meetings are back on track. They are the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at Louie's Pizza in South Daytona (on the corner of Clyde Morris and Beville). They officially start at 7ish. If you want to eat, make sure you get there early. The Alligator layout started the weekend of the 10th, so make sure you attend to get all caught up.

Meeting Changes

We are scheduled to have our only December meeting this week, on December 3rd. It will be a work meeting, so please come on out. It is at Louie's Pizza on the corner of Beville and Clyde Morris at 7pm.

Strickland Ranch Haresramble Postponed

From Randy Griffin:
This is to let everyone know that the Daytona Dirt Riders have decided to postpone HS #4 till May. The property would be ideal for any airboat racing next weekend if you would like. However, everyone on this forum, is wanting to race motorcycles and quads and that cannot happen due to the current conditions. We are hoping for the first weekend in May so that the Alligator and the rain date in April do not overlap and over-tax our workers. Everyone go out and have some fun next weekend and plan on joining us out here at the property in May.

2014 Strickland Ranch

The Daytona Dirt Riders are proud to present another Strickland Ranch Showdown, which is scheduled for October 11th and 12th. 

Link to the flyer:

Link to Holeshot's sign up page:

Before I get to the event details, we have some awesome sponsors that are really going to chip in. Fly and WPS are going to contribute $3000 in Fly Bucks. These are great, because not only can you get awesome gear, you can get it locally from your Fly dealer or online. You can find their new gear lineup at: and

Mika Metals and DT1 are supplying us with $500 in gift certificates AND a ton of 40% off discount cards. It’s obvious there are going to be a few mudders this year, so get your top of the line equipment cheap. Mika Metals makes some of the best chains and sprockets on the market. They also offer brake pads, handlebars, gloves, and filters. Check them out at and

HBD Motografx, Rekluse and Enduro Engineering are also going to be sponsoring the 2014 Strickland Ranch Showdown. We have so many contingencies, prizes, discounts, etc., that almost every rider should be able to go home with something. 

We have made some serious changes from previous years. The big one is that the quads are getting their own course. There are only a few tenths of overlap between the quad and bike courses, and that is just to get through scoring. They will come out into the field at least 3 different times to offer some awesome spectating. 

The Saturday bikes will be on the same course that the Sunday bikes will be riding, with the exception of around 3 miles. That means those 3 miles will ONLY be ridden by Sunday bikes. We tried to cut out our roughest sections, and are using land that we haven't had access to since the 2012 Alligator. We have gained access to this land because both DDR and FTR have proven how responsible we are as motorcyclists. We have kept Mr. Strickland’s land clean, his woods mostly unburnt, and honored his requests for header wrap on 4-strokes, which still stands for this event. As far as that issue goes, quads are exempt, YZ450s and 250s with backwards cylinders are exempt, and so are bikes with ceramic heat coated headers. Any other questions, PM me.

The peewees are being moved back to the patch of woods in the middle of the campground. They will only be riding the open portions and have a huge grass track. This should allow the peewee parents to keep an eye on their youngsters for almost their entire race. No bikes larger than 50CCs are allowed on this track. 

2014 Strickland Ranch Information

Layout has started for this year's harescramble. We need all the help we can get. To be considered an active club member, you are required to work a minimum of 4 days. Volunteers will be in the woods Thursday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you need more info, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Club Meetings

The meetings are back on track and scheduled for every second and fourth Wednesday of the month at Louie's Pizza on Beville and Clyde Morris in South Daytona. They officially start at 7ish, but a lot of people arrive shortly after 6pm to order food and talk about who's the fastest.

2014 Alligator

 The Alligator has been moved to MONDAY MARCH 10th.

Link to the flyer:

 This year's Alligator Enduro is scheduled for MONDAY March 10th. It will be located on the Strickland Ranch Property on US-1, just north of Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach, FL.

2013 Strickland Ranch Harescrambles Postponed 

The race has been rescheduled for 10/26-10/27. 

Here is a link to the flyer: 


Any questions, feel free to email Brooks Jr at [email protected] 

Harescramble Layout

This weekend will be the first real weekend of harescramble layout at Strickland Ranch. If you want to be considered an active members with riding privileges and supercross tickets, you need to work this event as well as the Alligator. If you do not know where to go or who to work with, send an email to: [email protected]

Club Social Event

On Saturday the 24th, the Daytona Dirt Riders are having a social event out at Strickland Ranch. Any members, old, new, active, or inactive are more than welcome to come out and bring their families as well. This is going to be the first weekend of lay out, and we want everyone to be familiar with each other, the section heads, and the property. We will be grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and anything else you can put on a smoker. It will be served around 7pm. Our only request is that you bring a side dish, and if you have one, an Easy Up. A few extra chairs wouldn't hurt either, but that is up to you. Please RSVP with how many people and what side you are bringing by Thursday, the 22nd so we can figure out how much food to buy.


Respond to [email protected]

Thank you. 

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